10 Points of Interest To Visit In Indianapolis, IN – Part 1

Indianapolis, the most populous city and state capital of Indiana, has many places worth visiting whether you’re a full-time resident or are just visiting the area. Indiana Title Loans is proud to offer this resource to you and help make your visit more fulfilling.

White River State Park

801 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-2434


The White River State Park is a popular destination on a regular basis for many residents and visitors alike. One of the best parts, aside from offering a variety of cultural attractions (including White River Gardens, NCAA Hall of Champions, Indiana State Museum, among others) it can be toured by foot, bike, self-propelled vehicle, pedal boats or kayaks.  Imagine being able to leisurely take in all that the park has to offer by pedal boat through the Central Canal? That would be a memorable all on it’s own. There’s also an outdoor concert venue so be sure to check their schedule before your visit.


Soldiers and Sailors Monument

100 Monument Cir
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Photo: Sagri2013

The Monument is also known as ‘Monument Circle’ and recognizes the Hoosiers that served in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Frontier Wars and the Spanish-American War. The monument is 284 feet and 6 inches tall. The Statue of Liberty is only 15 feet taller, to give you an idea of just how tall it is. In 1902 the monument cost $598,318. Artworks are both built into the Monument and also placed throughout the grounds. Visitors can get a great, panoramic view of the skyline from the Observatory. You climb 330 steps to reach the Observatory or you can pay a small fee to ride the elevator. If you take the elevator you’ll only have to walk 49 steps to get to the Observation Level.


Veterans Memorial Plaza


550 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Plaza is located in the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District. The plaza was completed in 1930 and honors Hoosier veterans. Throughout the year it is a favorite venue for outdoor events, which includes the annual Independence Day Festival. In the center of the Plaza, sits the Obelisk Statue that is 100 feet tall, made of black Berwick granite, and surrounded by a 100-foot diameter fountain made of pink Georgia marble and terrazzo. Near the base of the Obelisk you’ll notice 4 bronze tablets, each representing science, religion, education and law.



4000 Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46208

newfields-indianapolisNewfields is a 152-acre campus that is on a mission to enrich lives through outstanding experiences with nature and art. You can see inspiring works of art in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, or stroll through the beautiful, lush gardens, admiring the 100-acre nature park. Newfields hopes to provide a place where everyone feels welcome while developing a deeper connection to their experiences while there. Visitors can reserve tickets online in advance or purchase tickets on-site using your phone. You can also picnic outside, bringing your own food and non-alcoholic drinks.


The Garage Food Hall

906 Carrollton Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 556-1252

the-garage-food-hall-indianapolisIf you love food, drink and really want to experience Indy for what it is, you’ll definitely want to visit the Garage Food Hall. It offers some of the best food in the region and sits with the Bottleworks District, along with the Living Room Theater (8-screen theater),  the Bottleworks Hotel and a variety of retail and services; something for everyone. The Garage Food Hall features a variety of eatery vendors including J’s Lobster & Fish Market, Lick Ice Crem, Clancy’s Hamburgers, Gaucho’s Fire, Abbiocco Pizzeria and so many others! Get a taste of variety from some of the best vendors around.


Kurt Vonnegut Mural


345 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) was an Indianapolis resident who was an activist, soldier, writer, jazz lover and an artist. He is recognized as one of the most celebrated Hoosiers of all time and his mural stands 38-foot tall, created by artist Pamela Bliss. Some of his best-known novels include Cat’s CradleSlaughterhouse-Five, and Breakfast of Champions. He was a lifelong supporter fo the American Civil Liberties Union and was well-known for all things Indianapolis.


USS Indianapolis Memorial

692 Ellsworth St On the Canal
Indianapolis, IN 46202

uss-indianapolis-memorialSee the beautiful memorial dedicated to the surviving crew members of the sinking USS Indianapolis in 1945. They erected this memorial to their shipmates that were missing and it was formally dedicated in 1995. It’s shape is unique – in the form of a cruiser ship! The story of the ship is etched on one side of the memorial, and the other side holds the names of the ship’s company and a single passenger. The USS Indianapolis was a cruiser that delivered secret components to Tinian Island for the atomic bomb. A Japanese submarine sank it on their return voyage in 1945. Only 316 of the 1,195 men survived the sinking. Joseph Fischer designed the memorial.


9/11 Memorial

421 W Ohio St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

911-memorial-indianapolisThe 9/11 Memorial was established in 2010 and on the 20th anniversary in 2021, it expanded to honor those who perished in the 9/11 attacks, including the service members who have lost their lives since. There are 11,000 beams from the Twin Towers, 2 6-foot tall black granite walls with inscriptions for the rememberance of the events. The expansion on the 20th anniversary includes a Survivor Tree (grown from a sapling found underneath the rubble at Ground Zero, a “Never Forget Wall”, a Pentagon Stone and Military Monument. An american bald eagle sculpture sits atop one of the beams; this signifies an ongoing tribute to the sacrifices made on that day.


Landmark for Peace Memorial

1702 Broadway St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

landmark-for-peace-memorial-indianapolisThis Memorial is located within the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. park in Indianapolis. The Memorial was dedicated by President Clinton in 1995. The name, “Landmark for Peace” commemorates the site where Robert Kennedy delivered his words on the night Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. Those words Kennedy spoke were “Why don’t we make a monument to peace where all of us can live together, not with walls coming up but with walls tearing down, so we can go forward together.” Two massive curves of Cor-Ten steel make up the monument, casy by Indianapolis sculptor, Daniel Edwards and designed by Indianapolis writer, Greg R Perry.


Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

1230 N Delaware St
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 631-1888

benjamin-harrison-presidential-site-indianapolisA site many Indy residents hold dear is the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. It’s a not-for-profit organization that dedicates itself to maintain and preserve the Site, as a museum, but also as a memorial to the only U.S. President elected from Indiana. The site is designated as a National Historic Landmark as well. The cost of this house, with construction beginning in 1874, was $24,008.59. It features 16 rooms, a carriage house, brick drive and pristine landscaping. You can view the detailed journal Harrison kept during the duration of construction. In 1893, when Harrison returned to the home after his presidency, he made changes including the updated plumbing, electricity and the English-Regency front porch. You can tour the home and get a sense of life during the times, viewing a large collection of more than 10,000 artifacts on exhibit within the home.


We hope that this list helps you plan the best getaway or busy day out with your family. Indianapolis offers so much to residents and visitors that you’ll never have to worry of getting bored; and learning about any city’s history is always intriguing.

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